Visa Medicals

Dr. Wolfgang Molnar

Dr. Wolfgang Molnár

General Practitioner
Head of Medizin Augarten, Panel Physician for the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Acupuncture, Emergency Physician, Club Medical of the First Vienna FC 1894
Dr Ivana Molnar

Dr. Ivana Molnár

General Practicioner
Panel Physician, ÖÄK Diploma for Nutrition Medicine, Diploma Medical Hypnosis, Emergency Physician. Languages: German, Slovak, Czech, English.
Sandra Marr

DGKS (WDM®) Sandra Marr

Coordinating Nurse, RN
Managing Nurse Visa Medicals, Wound Care Management
Stefan Molnar BA

Stefan Molnár, BA

Administration and Organization
Visa Medicals
Migena Keco

Migena Keco

Administration and Organization
Visa Medicals
Panel Physician Assistant